Fictional Celebration Days Showcased By Greetings Cards

It’s strange how much fictional settings can resonate with ourselves especially when there are stark contrasts with our everyday lives. While superhero powers and characters who seemingly have more lives than a cat (we’re looking at you Jon Snow) are unattainable for the mere muggle, we become gripped with the stories, heavily involved with the characters and the places become as instantly recognisable as our home towns. Public holidays and celebratory events are one component of storylines that help us establish such a strong connection with these strange yet fascinating worlds, so we decided to explore some of the fictional occasions celebrated in popular culture. As we further mix fictional worlds with our own customs, we designed personalised greetings cards for these celebrations. Enjoy the gifs and graphics and if they raise a smile, feel free to share.

Whacking Day from The Simpsons

Whacking Day is the name of the twentieth episode in the 4th season of The Simpsons. Whacking Day is an annual holiday which involves gathering snakes in the town square and them beating them to death. It’s a traditional holiday but in the episode Lisa and Barry White club together to help save the snakes.

This is the hymn sang by the townspeople during the event:


Oh, Whacking Day, Oh, Whacking Day,

Our hallowed snake skull cracking-Day.


We'll break their backs,

Gouge out their eyes,

Their evil hearts

We'll pulverize.


Oh, Whacking Day, Oh, Whacking Day,

May God bestow His Grace on thee.


Life Day from The Star Wars Holiday Special

Life Day was introduced for The Star Wars Holiday Special and it’s a holiday observed by the Wookiees. It celebrates the Wookiee culture and is a family event hosted around the Tree of Life on Kashyyyk. It is common to exchange gifts on Life Day, an example of a gift from the holiday special was a virtual reality fantasy program for Itchy. During the occasion songs are sung and families sit and dine together.

House Cup Congratulations from Harry Potter

The House Cup is an annual award at Hogwarts presented to the House who earns the most points throughout the academic year. Each house can win and lose points depending on how they appertain to the rules; students can also be awarded points due to special circumstances such as showing courage and playing wizarding chess – otherwise known as fending off Lord Voldemort. The four houses competing are Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin and Hufflepuff.

The Festival of the Mother from Game of Thrones

The Festival of the Mother is a religious event dedicated to the Mother, who “is prayed to for mercy and watches over fertility, childbirth, and peace”, celebrated throughout the Seven Kingdoms. While there isn’t that much information about the holiday, we assume it resembles our Mother’s Day and is celebrated annually.

First Contact Day from Star Trek

First Contact Day is a holiday honouring the first contact between Humans and Vulcans. The future occasion (for us) will take place on 5th April 2063 in Bozeman, Montana. To celebrate this event, Earth children will have the day off school and festivities involving food and music are to be enjoyed by all.

Coupon Day from Jurassic Park

Coupon Day is hinted at in Jurassic Park when Donald Gennaro and John Hammond are discussing the accessibility of the park. It’s a solution for people who may not be able to afford to visit otherwise.

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