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If you know someone moving home, wish them well and send your love with our new home chocolates. Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful events humans can undertake - even more stressful than getting a divorce. So, if you know someone that’s been through the flames of relocation, they definitely deserve some chocolate treats.

Ready to get gifting with a personalised box of chocolates?

Pick the size of box you want - 9 chocolates, 16 chocolates or 25 chocolates. Once that’s done, it’s time to personalise your chocolate box in our product editor. Follow the instructions and you’ll see just how simple it is.

This is where you get to dust off old photo albums and look back on some of your favourite memories. The power is completely in your hands. We don’t have any criteria for the photos you select; we only ask that they make your loved one smile. Once you’re happy with it, we can set to work and make it for you; we’ll then send it to you at home or straight to your recipient’s new address.

It really is that simple to get some loved ones a thoughtful new home gift, and what better way to help a loved one get settled in than with a box of personalised new home chocolates?

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