personalised mother's day chocolates

9 Chocolate Box

16 Chocolate Box

25 Chocolate Box

Our lovely mums brought us into this world and helped make us who we are today. They show unfailing love and expect nothing in return. Well, while we don’t need one day a year to make our mums feel special, our Mother’s Day chocolate gifts are the best way to show mum just what she means to us when Mother’s Day rolls around.

Better yet, it’s really easy to do. Choose you favourite design of box and size. We have three different sizes to choose from - 9 chocolates, 16 chocolates or 25 chocolates. Once you’ve chosen, it’s time to get customising. You will choose how many photos are going on the box and you can also add a personal message. Crack a joke or just wish her well - it’s completely up to you. Dig deep and find your favourite pictures of mum. Play around with it and have some fun. Choose a theme, or just pick a random selection of pictures. When you’re happy with your creation, we’ll make it for you. We’ll then send it to you at home. All you have to do is hand the chocolates over.

Our website has loads of customisable Mother’s Day products, some of which you won’t find anywhere else. We offer a unique and novel way to reach out to loved ones and there are plenty of ways to do that this Mother’s Day with Vanilla Reindeer. Mums deserve to feel special, so put a smile on her face with our personalised Mother’s Day chocolates.

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