personalised halloween chocolates

9 Chocolate Box

16 Chocolate Box

25 Chocolate Box

It’s no secret that we’ve co-opted any major holiday or event as an excuse to stuff our faces. The same goes for Halloween – especially so, in fact - but why should it be just the kids that get to eat loads of chocolate and sweets? Our Halloween chocolates are a great way to send someone a trick and a treat this Halloween – whatever their age.

Our Halloween chocolates are so easy to customise. Simply pick your preferred design and the size of box you want - 9, 16 or 25. You can then choose how many photos you want on the box, pick some personalised text and of course, what photos go on it. Stick to the Halloween theme and try and give them a fright, or pick some of your favourite pictures with your recipient. Out of all the events and celebrations that you can customise products for on our site, Halloween is one of our favourites. Play around with different layouts and pictures until you’re happy. When you’re sure you’ve finished, we’ll bring your chocolate box to life and send it to you at home.

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