Personalised celebration cards

No matter what you’re celebrating, we’ve got a card for you. In this hyper-connected word, how did we all get so out of touch with each other? Noses buried in phones, greeting cards reduced to pixels. At Vanilla Reindeer, we don’t think that the newest way is always the best way, and we think that greeting cards beat texts and emails any day of the week. Browse from our range of celebration cards for whatever occasion is around the corner.

We’ve blended the old with the new and created a product editor that lets you create your own card from your home. Pick your style, pick your photos, leave a message, and we’ll do the rest, so that whatever the occasion you can spread some smiles. This is where you can get creative and make a really nice celebration card.

So, when it comes to life’s big occasions, it’s time to put down our phones and reach out in a real and thoughtful way. You can add an extra personal touch to any event with our celebration cards. Check out our other customisable products, like our bottle bags or gift bags.