Personalised leaving cards

It’s always sad to see a loved one leave, whether it’s a close colleague or your favourite neighbour. Let them know how much they mean to you with one of our personalised sorry you’re leaving cards.

Moving on to pastures new isn’t a forever farewell, but it’s definitely something that should be marked. A goodbye email simply won’t cut it for good friends, so why not go the extra mile with one of our personalised leaving cards?

They couldn’t be easier to create. Simply browse from our selection of sorry you’re leaving cards above and once you’ve found your favourite, you’ll be taken to our product editor. Here you can choose which photos you want on your card, how many, and even add in a personalised message. Once you’re happy with your card, just let us know where you want us to send it (to you or direct to your recipient) and we’ll print it and pop it in the post.

In a world dominated by texts, emails and social media, giving a greetings card is a welcome change. Our personalised goodbye cards will say more than a text ever could.