Personalised new job cards

A new job means new opportunities, new friends, and new challenges. There’s plenty to be excited about but lots to be nervous about, too. If you know someone about to start a new job, give them a boost with one of our new job cards. Going into a new place of work can be daunting, but a message from a loved one will let them know that you’re there for support and that you wish them well in their new adventure.

Choose from one of our new job cards, which will take you to our product editor. You can pick the number of photos that go on the card and even your own personalised message. Try and inspire some confidence for them to carry into their first day - they’ll appreciate you reaching out regardless of what you say. Once you’re happy with your creation, we’ll get it printed and send it to you or your recipient.

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking but you can help sooth your loved one’s worries with some kind words and inspiration. Putting in that extra thought and getting a personalised new job card will let them know they’ve got a great friend guarding their corner.