Personalised thank you
bottle bags


Rope Handled Paper Laminated Bottle Bag, with gift tag and label to seal. Perfect for Champagne, Wine or Spirit gifts.

Size 125mm wide x 90mm deep x 330mm high.

Whether you want to say thank you to  your neighbour for watering your plants whilst you were on holiday, to your mum for babysitting (again), to your friend for just being there, or your child’s teacher for inspiring them to go that extra mile, there’s no better way to show them that you appreciate them than with a bottle of their favourite beverage.

You’ve picked out their favourite drink and now comes the challenge of wrapping that pesky bottle (why, oh why can’t they just make them rectangular?) For those of you who are less than adept at wrapping, a bottle bag is the simplest option.

Here at Vanilla Reindeer we’re here to tell you to step away from the sad, dog-eared, wine bags that have been passed from pillar to post over the past decade and, instead, wrap it like you mean it!

On this page, you’ll find our range of specially designed “thank you” wine gift bags that are ready and waiting to be personalised with a photograph of your choosing.

It couldn’t be easier to add that personal touch to your thank you wine bag. Simply select your favourite design, upload your photograph, and order!

Your personalised thank you wine bag will then be delivered to your door; all that’s left to do is pop your bottle of vino in it, present it to the recipient, and watch a smile light up their face and bask in that warm, fuzzy, gift-giving glow.

A thank you bottle bag is ideal for presenting those hard-to-wrap bottles, but if you’re looking for something a bit more formal, we also have personalised thank you wine boxes to choose from, too.