Personalised birthday gift bags

Our totally unique birthday gift bags are the perfect way to dress up your presents for the people that matter most to you. We love birthdays and we love celebrating them. We also want to find novel ways for people to celebrate their birthdays and a personalised birthday gift bag is unlike anything on the market, because it’s the first of its kind!On this page, you’ll find a variety of different bag designs to choose from. Once you’ve found your favourite, you just need to find a photo of the birthday boy or girl. It doesn’t have to be of them of course; this is where you can get creative and design your own gift bag. Once you’re happy with how it’s looking, we’ll get it made up and send it to your home. The final step is filling it with gifts.

At Vanilla Reindeer, we much prefer giving gifts than receiving them which is why we came up with this unique way of bagging up your presents. You won’t find a gift bag like this anywhere else, so leave those tatty old gift bags in the cupboard and wow the birthday boy or girl with a custom birthday gift bag. The feeling you’ll get when they see the effort you’ve gone to is like a little present to yourself! Check out our other customisable birthday products to really make their day.